Thursday, June 29, 2017

Washer/Dryer Platform

I am so super happy this week!  I just got the new washer and dryer I bought about a month ago.  They arrived yesterday and are HUMONGOUS!  They are also space age looking, like maybe they belong on the Enterprise.  And... they sing me a little song when they are done doing their jobs.  So, I love my new washer and dryer.  But because they are soooo big,  they don't fit on my old 2X4 and plywood platform.  I didn't want to just get rid of the platform and take my chances with my beautiful new machines sitting on the floor in our basement.  It hasn't flooded in there since we got new gutters and routed out our main line, but still.  So I needed to add on to the existing platform with more 2X4s and plywood.    I only needed to add on about 10 inches to the front of the platform so I made a little base out of 2X4s with my Kreg Jig.

Then I cut a piece of particle board we had lying around from our floor redo (which I haven't posted on here because I don't have any good after photos of the floor yet) and screwed it on top.

Now my platform is even less attractive than it was previously because the two types of plywood don't match.  So I bought some contact paper and covered the whole thing with zig zags!

It did get a little ripped when the appliance installers put the machines in, but I had enough contact paper to just cover up the tears.  It doesn't look excellent, but it does look better than that awful particle board!  And really, who's looking at the base with those beautiful big machines sitting on top?  I never thought I would be so excited by appliances!