Monday, March 27, 2017

Spring Cleaning

What a mess!  We just got back from Disney World and I'm able to see my house through fresh, haven't been home in over a week, eyes.  And it is disgusting!  I spent the week leading up to our trip making our cute match-y shirts for Disney, packing and preparing.  And previous to that I was my usual messy self.  So, as upsetting as these pictures will be to my mom, here is what my house looks like currently:

Pretty awful, right?  So this week while the kids are off of school and we have absolutely nothing going on, I'm going to attack the mess.  The weather is semi-warm, the windows can be opened, and I've got that cleaning itch that comes around very rarely.  These terrible pictures, out there on the internet for everyone to see, are my way of shaming myself into action.  Hopefully, by next week, most of these rooms will be in much better shape!


  1. Better get cleaning Molly. I arrive in May!!

  2. Wow! First of all congratulations on being honest. Secondly 😬😬 omg I can't believe those pictures! I'll be over to inspect the current conditions 😁

    1. ha! i thought my mom would be horrified, i forgot that you look on here occasionally!