Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Extra Room on the Bookshelf

Last week I decided to make some room on my bookshelves for something other than books.  Mom was talking about discreet storage for kids toys on the main level (something that we don't currently  have).  I took three boxes of books to Half Price Books and came away with $25.  I mostly got rid of children's books that were too young for my kids and cook books.  I also got rid of all the prequels to the Dune series because I'm pretty sure that everyone agrees that those books are terrible.  I then had a couple of empty spots on my bookshelves to place some toy storage.  Here's what I ended up with.

So far I've only made one basket, but as soon as my next Joann Fabrics coupon is valid I'll grab some more fabric to make a second one.  Then one can be for Sofia and the other for Henry.  If you also want some reasonably priced storage go to to get the tutorial.  The size for the larger basket perfectly fit the space on my bookshelf.  I bought the pink triangle fabric and used some burlap I had in the house from my sister-in-law's Harry Potter themed birthday party.  I cut my house elf costume up and had a nice burlap lining for the basket!  I'm glad I didn't end up buying an overpriced basket online and sacrificing size and style.  This way I got exactly what I wanted and it looks great!

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  1. So glad you listen to your Mom Molly! The basket looks great. Mom