Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Party Favors for Sofia's 7th Birthday

Sofi Sue is about to turn 7 and we're holding her party this weekend.  I hate spending money on party favors that I know will just be thrown out within the month.  So, instead, I made some.  I had almost all of the supplies on hand.  I had to buy the security eyes, but with a coupon I think they ended up costing about $6.  I made 24 favors, so it ended up being 40 cents a favor.  That's what I like to spend!

Of course, I can't figure out how to rotate this picture!  These were quick and easy to crochet.  If you want to make some of your own, here's the link: 


  1. I didn't know you crochet! Hip hip hooray; let's discuss...

    1. yes, i haven't crocheted since college because i enjoyed knitting more but i really like the idea of making amigurumi!