Sunday, March 13, 2016

Laundry Room Redo

So I decided that it would be a great idea to move Tim's office from our guest bedroom (future site of Sofi Sue's awesome, girly pink and purple bedroom) to the basement laundry room.  Now, Tim is not big on spiders.  When I made this suggestion to him he looked at me as if I were crazy and only consented to the idea when I promised to make the basement laundry room less spidery.  This room is the only unfinished part of our basement.  Cold and uneven concrete floors, dirty and unfinished 100 year old floor joists showing from the first floor, peeling paint, about a million pipes and a tendency to take on water all make this space pretty uninviting.  In order to displace Tim from his fairly comfortable current home office I decided to do the following:

  1. Paint both the walls and ceiling/floor joists white to lighten the place up and reveal any hidden spiders.
  2. Install water proof flooring.
  3. Build a desk and shelving for Tim.
  4. Build a laundry counter with storage underneath.
  5. Prettify everything with some fabric and colorful artwork. 
I thought I could knock this all out in a couple of weeks, especially since my sister took the kids for the weekend and I had plenty of uninterrupted time and Tim's promise of help.  Fast forward a couple of months and I've finally managed to cross number 1 off my list.  Where did I go wrong?  Good question.  I think that in order to fail monumentally at accomplishing a room redo it is important to start out by bragging to everyone how great the room is going to look when it is finished.  Check!  Then you should announce to your sister when you drop off the kids that you will both paint the entire room and install all of the flooring before you come back to pick the kids up in two days.  Check!  Lastly, you should just naturally have a lazy disposition and decide that catching a movie and going out to eat take precedence over prepping for paint.  Double check!

Here are the before pictures of our lovely laundry room, check back in about six months to see the finished project!

Laundry Room

Other side of Laundry Room


  1. I was hoping this project would be completed by my May visit!

  2. ha! i was hoping it would be done a month ago!