Thursday, July 7, 2016

Finally, Starting the Bookshelves!

We just finished having the last get-together that we are hosting at our house this summer.  So now I am free to mess the house up as much as I please without having to clean it up again for a month!  Break out the wood, nails and paint; I'm making bookshelves!  I've already designed the shelves and cut the wood in my community college woodworking class last spring.  The boards have been sitting in my garage ever since waiting for me to fix and paint the wall that they will be resting against.  I decided to move the boards inside so that I am more likely to work on the project.  This necessitated condensing the living and dining rooms into the same room again. 

Then I swept the dust, vinyl floor shavings and spiders off of the boards and carried them inside.  I know that at least one spider stowed away on a board and is now living somewhere in our house.  Now I'm going to go research nail guns and air compressors.  Yay, new tools!


  1. Wait a minute - you're hosting us in August.

    1. yes, but it was a month from the time i wrote this until the time when you will be at our house in august!