Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hey Dad, I've Got Our Project Ready!

When Dad comes to visit he likes to have a project to work on.  I thought that this visit we would work on recessing my dresser into the eaves and creating two mini-closets for extra hanging space in our bedroom.

Knee Wall Storage
The tutorial at thisoldhouse.com seemed pretty straightforward.

Building Angled Cabinets
These angled cabinets at sawdustgirl.com would work as a closet for hanging shirts if you put a rod in there.

But I don't want my parents sleeping in a dusty work zone when they come to visit so I think these projects will have to wait for another day.

Then I thought that Dad could help with making Sofi Sue's loft bed.

A modified version of this loft from ana-white.com would work well in Sofia's room.

But Sofi Sue's room is nowhere near ready for loft construction to begin.  Then I realized that there was no way I was going to finish the living room bookshelves before Dad got here and also that this wasn't a one man job.  So, surprise Dad, we're working on building some kick-butt bookshelves together!  I've already filled knotholes and sanded them down.  Then I chiseled the extra wood off of the end of my boards.

My fancy action shot!

Much better without the jagged spikes of wood sticking out!
Then I primed the boards on one side.

And primed them again for better coverage.  I really don't want those knotholes showing through.

This time around I got smart and painted on a table to save my poor aching back!
Next I'll flip them and prime the backside twice as well.  After that I'll sand them down lightly (probably should have done that after the first layer of primer, oh well!) and stack them in a corner to wait for Dad to show up.  If you think that sounds like a lot of work, look at what my neighbors next door are doing!

That house used to have a roof, now it's going to have a second story!

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  1. From Dad - I would like to talk with you some time in the next week or so about what tools I should bring.