Thursday, July 14, 2016

Summer Squash Take Over the World!

I'm not doing one lick of work this week.  We're on staycation.  But, I did spend a nice evening in the garden.  My Casserta summer squash have officially taken over their raised bed, which is too bad because I had two types of flower successfully growing in there, along with spinach.

But look at this big fella!

How do you know when you are supposed to pick them?  It is not quite a foot long, but it is getting fat and is already resting on the ground.  Henry made a happy discovery today, the bed of weeds where I had tomatoes last year and had planted two types of tomatoes this year:

actually had a bunch of tomato plants hiding in there!

These are the Chadwick Cherries I had planted last year.  I planted them this year also, but these tomato plants are all over the bed, not just in the little line I planted this spring.  So now I know that I don't have to plant any more of these, they just reseeded themselves nicely without my help.  I'm still hoping that the Hungarian Heart tomatoes appear now that I've cut back some of the weeds.  I left a couple of plants that I'm unsure of, maybe they'll turn out to be my new tomatoes!

A slightly neater and less weedy bed of tomatoes

And look at my cute blackberries!

I don't have to do any work this week, my plants are doing the work for me!  I feel accomplished as if I had done it myself.  Yay gardening!


  1. Yay Molly! I knew something would grow in your raised beds. Didn't you also plant pumpkins?

    1. yes, and watermelon. one plant of each is growing, i'll take a picture of them next time!