Tuesday, August 2, 2016

So I've Been a Little Lazy

I haven't made much progress on my bookshelves since my last post.  I did spend four days priming each side of the boards twice.

After the first day of priming the boards by sitting on the ground next to them my back was killing me (I've become my father).  So the second day of priming I wised up and set up my folding table.

This was much less uncomfortable on my back.  Now I'm working on sanding both sides and putting them back into piles based on their order in the bookshelf. 

This way, when Dad shows up, we'll be all ready to glue and nail together the shelves.  Then I plan on giving them a final coat of primer, this time the yellow tinted primer.  Then we'll see if I have time to paint them before attaching them to the wall, or if I'll have to paint them after they are attached to the wall.  Maybe, while I'm waiting for Dad to come, I might even work a little on the counter top I started months ago for the laundry room.  I started the laundry room project way back in April, but after finishing the floors I haven't made much progress.  It would be nice to move along in a project, any project!  I keep on starting ones that are interrupted by new projects and none ever get completed!

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