Monday, August 22, 2016

Making an Old Backpack New Again

Henry would like to have a new backpack every year.  If I bought him one of those cheaply made character backpacks that he always wants I'd have to get him a new one each year.  The bottoms of those bags disintegrate quickly and you'll be lucky if they even last for one school year!  Unfortunately for Henry, I already had a good quality backpack that I had bought for myself years ago but didn't use much.  Two years ago I decided to stop buying cheap bags and just use the one I already had.  It was pretty plain Jane, a dark green backpack with no embellishments.  So the first year Henry used it I jazzed it up a bit with some felt into a monster backpack.  Of course, I don't have any pictures of that.  Last year I pulled off the monster and added a minion instead.  I have some scruffy, been used for an entire year pictures of that:

I'm holding up the mouth section since I forgot to take a picture before ripping it off of the bag.
 This year I added a Pikachu, Henry's latest obsession being Pokemon.  First I ripped off the minion:

It kind of looks like he's screaming in horror, doesn't it?
Then I threw him away:

And then I pulled him back out because I realized that the backside of the minion would work perfectly for a Pikachu.  They're the same color and everything!  Yay, reusing!  So, looking at a picture I printed off of the internet of Pikachu I added some eyes, a nose, ears and little arms.

I think my minion was better, but this'll do.  It's probably the last year Henry will use this backpack as I noticed the beginnings of a tiny hole in the bottom, but I'm pleased that we'll have gotten over three years use out of it!


  1. I'm so impressed Molly! Henry's backpack looks fantastic.

    1. thanks, i'm always looking for ways to save money!