Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Upcycling a Wire Basket

Although I've been busy with working on the living room I've spent the occasional half hour every now and then working on a small project for Sofi Sue's room.  I found this wire basket at goodwill for a few dollars.

It's a nice, large basket and I thought it would be perfect to hold Sofia's stuffed animals.  But it wasn't very attractive and I plan on only putting cute things into her new room.  So I decided to wrap it in yarn, kind of like we used to wrap braids back in high school.  Remember that?  I wasn't sure if there was some forgotten proper method to do this so I looked it up.

photo of two girls with hairwraps
Go to Craft Yarn Council if you want to look this cool.
 It turns out that all you really have to do is wrap the yarn around the braid, or in this case, wire, a whole bunch of times until it looks totally rad.  So I chose yarns from my stash in shades of purple, red, pink and orange and started wrapping.

And wrapping and wrapping and wrapping.  Whenever I had some extra time with no kids around I'd turn on Gilmore Girls (I plan on finishing the entire series before watching the new episodes on Netflix) and wrap yarn.  It took about a month of doing this here and there.  And I finally finished.

I think it looks super cute and can't wait to actually start on Sofi Sue's room!


  1. Love it Molly. This might jump start your work on Sofi's room.

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