Thursday, August 18, 2016

New Couch

Yesterday we accepted delivery of our new couch!

You can see our tired old green couch on the right and the spiffy (although not terribly fashionable) new sectional on the left.  We ended up purchasing the Chamberly Alloy Loveseat sectional.  We needed a fairly small sectional to fit in our tight living room.  It is sold by Ashley Furniture, so I stopped by the store to see if I liked it enough to commit to it for at least the next ten years.  Ashley sells it for $1,600 plus tax and delivery (although it is currently on sale for $1,279.99).  I wanted a much cheaper couch than that.  Strangely enough, a lot of other stores sell Ashley Furniture furniture.  I ended up purchasing it from  They have it on sale for $1,000 with no tax and free delivery, plus they had a little coupon flashing at the top of their page for $50 off, so I nabbed that as well and ended up paying $950 total.  I figure I saved about $1,000 off the full price of the couch once you count in tax and delivery charges.  I do love a good bargain! 

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