Sunday, April 3, 2016

Laundry Room Progress (painting an unfinished basement ceiling)

Painting the laundry room took forever.  Almost two months forever.  Granted, most of that time was spent prepping, not painting.  Our laundry room does not have a finished ceiling, so all of the pipes that go from the boiler to the radiators, the gas lines, the electrical conduit and the water lines are visible.  I felt that we should avoid painting all of these.  The pipes that go from the boiler to the radiators get super hot and would require special paint, and I kind of like the exposed pipe look.  But in order to paint the unfinished ceiling with all of the nooks and crannies, the rough wood beams, and the hard to reach corners spraying the paint on was really our only option.  That meant covering everything in the room that we didn't want to paint.


I spent weeks wrapping all of the pipes in tin foil.  By the end it looked as if I should be a wacky ufo enthusiast extra in an episode of the X-Files (how exciting is it that they've started that series up again?).  I also covered up the windows and the doorways.

Taking off the tinfoil after painting
My awesome neighbor Ken allowed me to borrow his sprayer and spent the morning with me to show me how to work it.  Three gallons of paint later the room still wasn't completely white.  The wood ceiling sucked up paint and the sprayer was acting up.  I ended up buying a fourth gallon and using a roller and paint brush to finish up.  That $100 dollars worth of paint payed off, the room is now much brighter and more inviting.  Well, more inviting to humans.  Spiders, on the other hand, are running scared!

Brighter and much less scary!

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