Friday, April 15, 2016

Filling the Gap

Everybody loves surprises; surprise parties, surprise gifts, surprise sundaes (that last one isn't really a thing, but it should be).  But surprises while doing a home renovation are not as much fun.  I pulled the molding off from around the large door connecting my living and dining rooms in preparation for installing the bookshelves that are going to live there.  Look at the wonderful surprise the last home owner left me!

Evidently the door opening used to be an inch or so larger.  I like large door openings, but I've already made the built in bookshelves that will go floor to ceiling as well as over the top of the door.  I can't change the size of the door at this late stage so I will just have to fill the gap.  The fun never ends with this house!

Filling the Gap, Part 2

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