Monday, April 11, 2016

Why are my walls made of plywood?

In preparation for my new floors I was taking out the unattractive and undersized baseboards in my living room today.  Of course I forgot to take a picture of what they looked like before.  But this is what I found after pulling off the baseboards:

It looks as if someone screwed OSB onto the studs and then maybe skim coated it with plaster?  I've never heard of this before and am not sure how to proceed.  This is probably why I have hairline cracks in some areas of my wall.  I expected those in my old house where all the walls were lathe and plaster, but here I thought the walls were all drywall!  Guess not!

And the plaster was crumbling off the wall as I removed the baseboards, even though I was trying to be very careful.  It didn't help that the baseboards were glued onto the walls as well as nailed, so pulling them off caused chunks of plaster to come away.

This cut and dry job just got a little more complicated!  On the bright side, I did find this lovely wallpaper hiding behind the baseboard.  It appears to have some plastic or vinyl in it, classy!


  1. Some options: 1. nail up a thin board (the thickness of the skim coat) and then install larger molding. This would be easiest. 2. Go back in time and don't start removing the molding. 3. Go nuclear -- remove everything and install drywall. 4. Wait for your father to visit.

  2. Those suggestions were from your dad.

    1. Yeah, I'm thinking larger molding is the way I'm going to go as I always thought the old molding was a little puny anyway. And the nuclear option seems too involved and expensive. I think we'll just keep the walls and if at some point in the future they crumble too much then we can consider putting up new walls.