Sunday, October 2, 2016

Shoe Storage in the Mud Room

Our mud room is a catastrophe!

The entire place is a complete mess, but I feel that the biggest problem we have in there is shoes.  They are spread out all over the place.  Even when I clean up everything else the shoe issue always pops up.  So I decided to find a cheap and easy way of storing all of our shoes.  I found the solution in the usual way, by googling it.

Super cheap and easy shoe organization from @Sawdust Girl.
The tutorial is at

This tutorial at looked like the right choice, easy, cheap and fast!  I chose to use cut up dowel rods instead of pre-made pegs to save money.  First I cut all of the pegs.

Then I used a sander to smooth the edges of the pegs.


The I used my drill to make holes in the boards that were going to be the base of my shoe rack.

I chose the bit that was the closest in size to my pegs.

Then I put a drop of glue on the end of each peg and hammered them into the holes.

I then painted the racks and hung them up in our mudroom after putting away the random junk that didn't belong there.  It looks much better now!

If it were up to me I would have painted all of the shoe racks blue, but the kids wanted their racks to be different colors.  I used sample pots of paint in my paint stash to make Henry's yellow and Sofi Sue's purple.  Tim's is grey and mine is off white, just to make them all different colors.

Big improvement!


  1. Wow Molly - what a great idea! Dad wants to know if you used the belt sander for this project.

  2. This turned out so good! I love your ideas. Have you considered painting the heater? Maybe a pop of color.