Thursday, October 6, 2016

Completed Bookshelves!

A bit messy, I'll work on it!

So the bookshelves are done!  I spent the afternoon yesterday carrying boxes up from the basement and unpacking books; some of which I haven't seen in about seven and a half years!  I was hoping to have some space to display a couple of knickknacks and have the books artfully arranged.  But there isn't any room!  We still have a couple of shelves that are not stuffed full, and there is even one shelf that is completely empty!  See that one, up in the right hand corner?  Yup, that's the space I have to display cute things.  I guess that's not what my house is going to be.  The house is just not big enough for cute.  Most of the things I've worked on for the house so far have been utilitarian.  Fixing things that need to be fixed, creating storage.  With a small house I think it's a good idea to make everything useful, and then if it is also attractive that's a bonus!  Even though there isn't any space for kitschy thingamajigs, I still think the bookshelves look killer.  And, now we have books!

See the entire process:

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Scary Yellow Primer
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Awesome Bookshelves, Slow Going.
Baby Steps
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Getting Close to Being Done!
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Did I really write 16 posts on one little project!  You bet!  And it was evidently an exciting one, look at all those exclamation points!


  1. They turned out amazing. It really brings the room together and feels warm and cozy....well not that warm last Saturday :) but we figured it out.