Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Awesome Old Houses For Sale!

I'm very happy with my house, but I can't help myself.  I still look on to see what else is out there.  From time to time this bites me in the butt because I see something I like better and could afford.  But mostly I'm content with what I have.  I've now found an even better site to look at. has some awesome houses, some even come with land.  If you've always wanted to live in an old church, this place is for you!


For only $75,000 this little beauty could be yours, if you were willing to live in Macomb, Illinois.

Or maybe you want a property with a little land.  For only $36,000 you could have 3 acres with fruit trees and this gem!


The site should really work on their pictures (I know, look who's talking) but I can see that I will be wasting a lot of time looking for houses I have no intention of buying on this site!  You're welcome!


  1. I just spent like 45 minutes on there. You were right.

    1. look you have a little picture of yourself next to your comment. fancy!