Wednesday, May 25, 2016

More Sprouts!

I'm super excited that sprouts have grown in my two previously sad looking raised garden beds!  I now see sprouts where mom and I planted the Sunset Runner Beans, Snap Dragons, Alexandria Strawberries, Caserta Summer Squash and Rainbow Carrots!  Of course, it has now been raining buckets this evening so I am worried that my delicate little plants might be drowned by morning.  And then it is supposed to thunder storm for the next five days!  Is it possible that these cute little guys will still be healthy and growing at the end of this week?  There's even a little lake forming where I planted the Ali Baba watermelon and Goliath pumpkin!

I hope this little guy doesn't swim away tonight!

In other news, I used two S hooks and some chain to hang a little bouquet of ferns for the chickens.  They have been pretty starved for fresh greens since we banished them to the chicken toilet (otherwise known as the nice sized run we toiled to make for our spoiled pets).  They quickly ate everything inside the run and everything their little beaks could reach through the fence.  Hopefully this will make them happy, a fresh weed or fern bouquet each day!

Maybe the extra greens will help whichever girl laid this ridiculously puny egg yesterday!

Paulie looks shocked, or maybe a little chagrined! 


  1. The fern confused me when I went to lock them up last night.

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