Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Basement Play Rooms

I have been wanting to put pictures of the basement up on this blog for a little while now.  The reason I haven't been able to until now is that I am a slob.  The rooms in the basement were way too messy to show to the public.  Enter my mother.  Mom came to visit and helped to clean up the toy rooms so that we could host Sofi Sue's birthday party without any children being swallowed into a black hole of clutter.  The play rooms are two small rooms at the front of the basement.  They are the first rooms I fixed up when we moved in because I wanted the kids to feel at home and have a place to play and keep their toys.  Here is how they looked before:

And here is how they look now:

I pulled up the carpeting and added a bright green foam floor from HERE.  I painted the walls white because I had already put a lot of color on the floor.

 Tim and I put in the rock climbing wall, added a trapeze and painted one wall with chalkboard paint.

 In the second room we added an art desk and a rack to hang dress up clothing on.

I love the fabric I found for the curtains and I made little curtain tie-backs out of pieces of branches.

The light I have owned for years, but the original shade had fallen to pieces, so I bought fabric to make a new shade.

I decorated with old classroom posters that I found at a garage sale.

Thanks for cleaning up these rooms Mom so I could finally put them on the blog!  Love you!


  1. I've never been able to tour the playroom properly before because of the intimidating presence of flailing children. It looks great and I love all the little details!

    1. thanks! we were supposed to have all of you guys over in may, but that obviously didn't happen, so we should try for june instead. the playroom won't be clean by the time you come, though!

  2. that looks amazing! i particularly love the branch curtain tie-backs. you're so talented!

    1. thanks! i got the idea for the tie backs in a book from the library, wish i could remember the name so i could give credit. the author had used branch pieces to make hooks for coats and whatnot.

  3. You are welcome Molly. I wish I could have stayed for the party. I'll be back in August to clean once again!!