Friday, June 24, 2016

I Have No Idea What I Am Doing In The Garden

So, some of my garden is shooting up like crazy and some  is just limping along.  Some, I'm afraid, might be dead.  My runner beans are doing ok but haven't gotten very large yet:

They do have some company, I believe Sofi Sue's owl spent the night with them:

Nothing else is growing in there, even the little sprouts for whatever flowers I had planted have died.  My summer squash, on the other hand, have taken over their garden bed:

The flowers I planted in the middle of this bed are now covered by leaves, so are not likely to be long for this world, either.  And look at that sad little spinach in the front:

Yup, it's bolted.  I didn't even eat one leaf yet and now, as the internet tells me, the leaves should be inedible.  Oh well, I'll let them go to seed and use those to try a little earlier next year!

In my last garden bed it's looking a little sparse:

The small plants you see in the upper left corner are jalepeno pepper plants.  Hopefully they'll stay alive and give Tim some delicious little peppers later this summer.  What you probably can't see because they are so small and delicate are our carrot and asparagus plants.  Here's a close up of the two:

Rainbow Carrot


And here are what I hope are a pumpkin and a watermelon:

I don't know which is which, and I'm not even sure that that's what they are, but I've got my fingers crossed!  I don't think we're getting any tomatoes this year, I planted them in the ground in the same place as last year, but this year all that's shown up is weeds.  Oh well.  My fruit bushes look ok so far this summer:

We have a couple of raspberries almost ready to pick!

Our blackberry is flowering, hopefully we'll get our first berries off of this bush this year!

I'm a little worried about my apple tree, some of the leaves are looking a little scorched:

I'm hoping that we'll get some food out of the garden, despite my lackadaisical gardening style!

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