Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Bedroom Lighting

"Last in bed!" is a phrase heard often in the evenings in my house.  For years my husband and I have rushed through our bedtime routines to avoid hearing those words.  Being last in bed means that you have to be the one to get out of bed when it is time and turn off the light.  No matter how good your central heating is, if you live in Illinois you know the pain of having to get out of a nice warm cocoon of blankets in order to turn off the light.  I've finally solved the last in bed conflict once and for all.  Today I hung a small lamp on the wall next to my bed!  I bought it months ago, but the annoyance of hanging it up caused me to dawdle.  The wall behind my bed doesn't really have any studs.  It is not structural and whoever added it to cut off the useless space under the roof line didn't do it properly.  It has a few 1X3s every couple of feet, but nothing that you can really screw into.

I braved the scary, cobwebby crawlspace behind the wall.   That's how dedicated I am to not having to leave my bed when it is time to turn the light out at night!

So I had to add some wood in order to have something for my lamp to hang from.  I measured the space, it was just over 29" between the two semi-studs.  I cut a  2X4 to length and used my kreg jig to attach some screws to it.  I knew that in this tight space I would have a hard time trying to hold screws, wood and driver at the same time.  Then I screwed it in and skedaddled out of there!

I knew where to add the board because I had drilled a small hole in the wall where I wanted my screw to be and could see the light shining through the hole.  So back on the outside of the wall I just put the screw in that same hole and I was done!

I'm sure most people would have cleaned up their room before taking any pictures, but I'm just that lazy!  I got the lamp at Target at least half a year ago, so if you like it, too bad; it's probably no longer sold there!  I have plans to pretty up the cord and when that's done I will clean the room up so you can see how nice it all looks!

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