Saturday, November 19, 2016

Pale Purple Paint (Or Is It Pink?)

The walls in Sofia's bedroom are pretty awful.

Fake plastic wood paneling is not the look I am going for in this bedroom.  So I had to paint it.  I started by filling in the small holes in the board and then sanding them down.  The paint guy at Home Depot suggested using Kilz Adhesion Primer.  He told me that I should paint two light coats one hour apart.  Luckily the room is tiny so it didn't take too long to do each coat, but it was a little annoying to paint.  Not only did I have to use a brush to paint the corners and by the ceiling and floor, but I also had to paint in between each fake wood panel before I could roll on the paint over the entire wall.  Then I had to do the first coat of paint 24 hours later.  I had decided to paint the walls in this room a very pale lavender because it is so small and because the ceiling is so dark.  Then Sofi Sue told me she wanted pink walls.  I had already made my mind up on the lavender so I simply told Sofia that the paint was a very light pinky purple color.  When she saw the color on the wall she said "That's not purple, it's just plain pink!"  So we both see the color we want.  Perfect!

Behr Pixie Wing

It took two coats of paint and now the paint in the room is finished!

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