Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Painting a Popcorn Ceiling

So, as you read here I wasn't exactly successful in removing the popcorn ceiling from my daughter's bedroom.  I'm soldiering on anyway and primed it using a brush and some white paint and primer in one I had on hand just to seal off the ceiling.  I didn't want to buy another gallon of primer and the ceiling is so small that the small amount of paint/primer I had left in the can was enough.  Of course, that was painting white on white, so it wasn't apparent before I started in on the purple paint what a pain in the butt painting a popcorn ceiling is!  This is how it looked after one coat.

Pretty splotchy, but I figured the second coat would fix that.

Better, but there are still a lot of little white spots where the paint did not fill the little popcorn craters.  I even used the extra fluffy paint roller!  A third coat in the bad spots would probably do the trick.  The problem is that I bought this paint as a sample from a Sherwin Williams store at its grand opening for half off and the first two coats pretty much used up the can.  I have a little left, but not enough to put on a roller with uncertain results.  I don't want to shell out the money for another sample can, if I'm remembering correctly it would have been about $14 for a sample and I was super excited to say I had painted the ceiling for only $7.  So, now I'm spending between a half an hour and an hour a day with my neck craned backwards using a tiny craft paint brush to individually fill in the craters.

 I know that by doing this the paint I have left will be enough.  The question is, will I lose all function in my neck before I'm finished!?!


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  2. Sometimes Molly it's just better to bite the bullet and shell out the few dollars! I give you mad props for spending the extra time and effort, not to mention the chiro appointments you will most likely need after this ceiling is finished!!!

  3. you know what a tightwad i am! it can be just as painful to spend money as it is to have a cramped neck!