Saturday, December 3, 2016

Christmas Ornaments

We put up our Christmas tree today and I brought out all of my old ornaments.  We have a bunch of generic ornaments for everyone to hang on the tree and then each person has their own ornaments that they've made over the years.  Each year we decorate one ornament and my pile is the biggest!  Tim didn't decorate ornaments as a kid and my children have only been decorating ornaments for less than a decade.  Here are mine lined up in order starting in 1981:

There's a year missing here and there.  Here's the first one in 1981:

 Here are some of my favorites done in my late teens:

I especially like the cherubs eye slowly leaking down its face!
Here is the one I meant to be my last:

And here's the one I somehow was bamboozled into painting the very next year:

Somehow the quality has gone downhill.  I don't think my heart was in this one.
Now my children are making one a year so that when they eventually move out (they both insist they'll be living with me forever) they'll each have their own stash of ornaments to decorate their own trees.  Thanks for starting such an awesome tradition Mom and Dad!  


  1. Glad you still hang those ornaments on your tree. Just went to Michael's yesterday to buy some for the grandkids to paint this year.