Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Cute Outlet Covers

So yesterday I made these:

There's one more cute light switch cover that I evidently didn't take a picture of.  I just used ModPodge and the adorable wrapping paper from Ikea that I used on Sofia's stool.

First I cut the paper to size:

Then I ModPodged the cover:

I stuck the paper onto the cover:

And then I cut out where the openings were.  For some reason I stopped taking pictures at this stage!

If I were a good blogger this picture would also show you how I used an x-acto knife (sp?) to cut out the openings.

After this I put a couple of extra layers of ModPodge on top of the paper and then Sofia hung them up herself.  Unfortunately she refused to let me take a picture of her working, so that step is also picture-less.  Oh well, at least we can turn on and off the lights now without electrocuting ourselves.  And since I used the old outlet covers, ModPodge I've had for years, and the leftover scraps of wrapping paper from another project this craft was Free!

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